Caerhays Splendour Set For Spring

Caerhays Splendour

Caerhays Estate is delighted to announce the brand new Hybrid Magnolia named ‘Caerhays Splendour’ is set to flower in March 2015. The new plant has been hybridized by the Caerhays Estate Head Gardener, Jaimie Parsons, who was shown first-hand how to hybridize by his Caerhays predecessor Phillip Tregenna. Hand pollinated in 2000 and grown from seed, ‘Caerhays Splendour’ when in flower, will reveal beautiful dark pink blooms.

Caerhays Splendour Set To Flower This Spring

Caerhays Grade II Listed 120 acre Woodland Gardens were awarded National Collection status in 2001 for the Estate’s Magnolia collection, which boasts over 600 varieties of Magnolia including species, seedlings and hybrids. The history of Caerhays and Magnolias dates back to 1887 when the founder of the garden at Caerhays Castle, John Charles Williams, planted the very first Magnolia Stellata outside the nursery window, which after much pruning and cutting back, still survives today.

Mr Charles Henry Williams, owner of Caerhays Estate, says of ‘Caerhays Splendour’:

“We are delighted here at Caerhays to have successfully bred a brand new hybrid Magnolia. After 15 years of waiting, all of us at Caerhays anticipate the vivid bloom of ‘Caerhays Splendour’ this spring.”

The new Magnolia is due to bloom in March 2015 and will be available for the public to purchase in 2016.

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