Hedges, Plant a Nature Screen

Gardeners should consider swapping walls and fences for hedges, says the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), as new research shows how they provide a range of frontline environmental services. The call forms part of the charity’s Greening Great Britain campaign which urges the public to turn urban concrete corners into thriving green spaces. [Read more…]

Caution towards Oak Imports

A group of Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) traders and growers are urging importers to ensure oaks being brought into the UK not only comply with current legislation to combat Oak Processionary Moth (OPM), but are not sourced from Italy’s recently declared Pest Free Area (PFA). [Read more…]

Thyme for Herb Gardens

chives herb garden

Herb Gardens – Try planting a selection of tasty herbs valued as much for their ornamental appeal as their flavour and your garden will look almost too good to eat! From sage to thyme, rosemary to clipped bay and flowering chives, combine herbs valued for their ornamental beauty to produce long-lasting displays as well as regular pickings for the kitchen. [Read more…]

Caerhays Splendour Set For Spring

Caerhays Splendour

Caerhays Estate is delighted to announce the brand new Hybrid Magnolia named ‘Caerhays Splendour’ is set to flower in March 2015. The new plant has been hybridized by the Caerhays Estate Head Gardener, Jaimie Parsons, who was shown first-hand how to hybridize by his Caerhays predecessor Phillip Tregenna. Hand pollinated in 2000 and grown from seed, ‘Caerhays Splendour’ when in flower, will reveal beautiful dark pink blooms. [Read more…]

Protect the Bee

honeybee development

Local school children have learned how to help protect the British honey bee after meeting a beekeeper at a new homes development in Brixworth. [Read more…]

Spring has Sprung

spring has sprung

Forget the mountain coming to me
Plant a few flowers and that should make me happy
Water me occasionally and I shall rejoice
Celebrate in my summer surroundings
Spring has certainly Sprung

by Ivan GE Lyod

A Gadget For Gardeners

Fiskars Garden

Fiskars new Cuts+More Scissors – quite possibly the world’s most versatile scissors – combine multiple tools in one, giving gardeners help with jobs large and small. [Read more…]

Autumn Colour With Heuchera


With an inspiring range of cultivars with coloured leaves and flowers to choose from, Heuchera is nominated as HTA’s Plant of the Month for October and is part of the Plan it Plant it this Autumn campaign. [Read more…]

Barts Goes Flower Power

Chelsea Show

Secret speakeasy bar Barts is going flower power in honour of The Chelsea Flower Show this year, which will take place from 21st-25th May 2013. [Read more…]