A Gadget For Gardeners

Fiskars Garden

Fiskars new Cuts+More Scissors – quite possibly the world’s most versatile scissors – combine multiple tools in one, giving gardeners help with jobs large and small.

Garden lovers will find a handy twine cutter, wire cutter, rope notch and in one swift movement Cuts+More separate and the titanium-coated blade becomes a useful knife. The large, ergonomically sculpted finger and thumb loops also provide excellent comfort and control when cutting.

For gardening through the seasons Cuts+More features:

  • High-quality blades for trimming, pruning, opening packages
  • Power notch to cut light rope
  • Wire cutter for cutting light wire without damaging the blades
  • Twine cutter to cut twine cleanly and quickly
  • Pointed awl tip for piercing small holes in cardboard, plastic, matting
  • Titanium-coated, take-apart knife for cutting sheets of polythene, cardboard and sheeting
  • Cover includes an integrated ceramic sharpener and tape cutter
  • Bottle opener for a well-earned drink at the end of the day!

These additions don’t compromise on Fiskars high quality and comfort, you still get super sharp scissors but with the addition of useful features all in one handy tool. With an RRP of just £18.99 Cuts+More offer excellent value for money and is a great gift idea for gardeners.

Cuts+More – an essential tool for gardening, office and general home use.

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