Redeveloped Cape Garden

The Redeveloped Cape Garden

The Redeveloped Cape Garden

The redeveloped garden area of Graham Thompson

01. The original bed had much higher wooden poles, which I replaced as they began to rot at grass level. I moved a stralizia to make space for my miniature Agapanthas (Featured Image above)


02. This flower bed had a handful of Clivia, the ones without their leaves cut! and was packed full of giant agapantha’s in the very front, hiding the clivia, so out came the aga’s and in went loads of Clivia, harvested from another flower bed at the back of the house. In front as in all my flower beds I have added colour with a variety of annuals.


03. Again, loads of Clivia added in shadiest part of my bed, and colour with the annuals some new and others added late last year


04. A repeat of the previous comment, tomorrow the bid pot, RHS, is being removed and a group of pelargoniams replacing it


05. this bed was prepared last year and provides a variety of grasses


06. This flower bed was the source of the dozens and dozens of Clivia. I literally pulled out all the Clivia and separated them all, I replanted them towards the back for maximum shade. I then planted Confetti bushes and various annuals to give colour, this flower bed is viewed from my kitchen


07. Trimmed and Spruced


08. I purchased the smaller of the two vegetable boxes last year and planted loads of herb and vegetable, well the spinach WON!! all other herbs and veggies died through lack of sun!! So I built another vegetable box, twice the size of the original which is meant for vegetables only. I have planted tomatoes, green peppers, basil, rocket, various lettuce and I have a Chilli plant. The spinach we use in salades fresh form the garden, WOW does it taste great, and it just keeps producing more and more.


09. Final flower bed, current Clivia (un-cut leaves) are yellow flowers, and I have added a further 13 Clivia

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