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Window Box

If your green fingered neighbours’ front garden is making you envious, why not give them a run for their money this summer by making your own window boxes? A quick, easy and low cost way to spruce up the front of your house, window boxes create a fantastic first impression.

TV designer and renovation guru Ben Hillman has joined forces with DIY experts Black & Decker to produce a step by step guide for making window boxes using the new Black & Decker High Performance range of power tools.

Highlights of the new range include the lightweight and compact Cordless 10.8v Drill Driver, Impact Driver and Reciprocating Saw, all with Lithium Ion technology to ensure the tools are ready to use when you need them and last for the duration of the job.

Ben Hillman’s Guide to Making Window Boxes:

Ben explains: “To begin you will need to purchase plastic window boxes from your local garden centre. Measure the depth and width of your sill and select a container that will fit this space whilst allowing plenty of margin to construct and timber a box around it. Select exterior plywood and measure the box allowing for overlap to secure the timber panels together. If the plywood is the incorrect size the Black & Decker® High Performance Reciprocating Saw is ideal for cropping.

* Once you have cut out your ply panels you can now clad the plastic container with the timber sides and base. Using the High Performance 10.8v Cordless Drill Driver pre-drill pilot holes in to the adjoining sections of the box then screw the separate panels together using rust resistant screws

* To allow for drainage it may be necessary to drill a number of small holes in the base on the window box using the High Performance 10.8v Cordless Drill Driver. Sand down, fill any holes and decorate the window box with an external paint finish

* To add a more contemporary twist you could consider cladding the timber window box with horizontal teak or cedar strips

* Your window box can be placed directly on the sill or on brackets on the wall immediately below the sill. Either way you will need to select the appropriate brackets and fixings to secure the window box to exterior masonry. Carefully mark out where you will be fixing your brackets and the location of the holes you will be drilling. Using the 18v Lithium Hammer Drill, adjust the depth to ensure your drill holes are neither too deep nor shallow for the wall plugs and screws and proceed with drilling your holes. Push wall plugs into the holes and screw the fixings and window box in place with the High Performance 10.8v Cordless Drill Driver”

After planting the window boxes with cascades of beautiful flowers you can stand back, admire and wait for compliments from those green fingered neighbours to start rolling in.

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